Star Cryo T Shock

The Star Cryo T Shock can do body sculpting and facials

Star Cryo T Shock Vs CoolSculpting?

Is StarCryoT Shock better than CoolSculpting

Star Cryo T Shock Vs CoolSculpting

Cryo T Shock and CoolSculpting use extreme temperatures to kill fat cells (Adipose). They both use cold temperatures but Cryo T Shock also uses warmer temperatures mixed in to enhance the shock to the cell.  Cryo T Shock is very effective on both large and small areas of the body. Using the Star Cryo T shock gives the therapist the option of manually treating the area as well as using static pads. CoolSculpting can only use a static treatment method by suctioning on to your skin for the duration of the treatment. Some people experience pain and discomfort for this reason and it can cause bruising much like a hickey that can last for weeks.

Benefits of body sculpting

Cryo T shock is the prefered way to do body sculpting because it has many benefits and very few drawbacks.

CoolSculpting costs much more than Star Cryo T Shock

CoolSculpting can cost as much as 4 times more than Cryo T Shock. This is odd because it is not any more effective and it can not perform all of the services that a Star Cryo T Shock can perform. So why doe sit cost more? CoolSculpting was among the first cryo lipolysis machines available n the market. The conducted studies to show that this method for sculpting the body was effective and they were bought by a big pharmaceutical company. Being so early into the market their machine was and is still very expensive so part of the cost is to the recipe the price of the machine. Also, the coolsculpting process involves them suctioning a device to your skin. They use gels and pads and sheets to try to minimize the bruising and discomfort.

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The consumables used during the Coolsculpting session cost the provider almost as much as a session of Star Cryo T Shock. The consumables are a recurring revenue stream for the company that sells the machines. During a Star Cryo T Shock session, there are fewer consumables and many procedures are more manual. This helps to keep the cost down. Because of the cost of a coolsculpting machine many of the times the service is offered by plastic surgeons and at actual medical spas. This gives the appearance of some sort of advanced procedure that is medically supervised but in reality, you will probably never actually see the Dr. during your visits and all of your treatments will be done by a trained therapist. The Star Cryo T Shock treatments are also performed by a trained therapist and the machine is very new and advanced so it does most of the work.

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CoolSculpting can not treat as many areas

as Star Cryo T Shock

Star Cry T Shock is a very new machine made by Pagani that has many years of experience in body Sculpting. Pagani learned that people love to treat as many areas as possible in one session. So The Star Cryo T Shock is able to perform cryo facials while it does body sculpting.  Also, static pads can be used on large areas while a therapist uses a manual wand on a smaller area. This makes the Star Cryo T Shock much more flexible and it helps you minimize how much time is spent at the spa so that you can go out and enjoy all of the benefits of your treatments.

Star Cryo T Shock


CoolSculpting can be painful some times

As we have stated in this article Body Sculpting uses extreme temperatures.  Coolsculpting combines the cold with suction. While the cold can cause some mild discomfort for some the suction can be painful. With Cry T Shock the cold is mixed with short bursts of warming to enhance the thermal shock, but it also makes it more comfortable. Most importantly there is no suction. This eliminates the pain and the bruising and means there is almost no downtime from Cry T Shock. Within a couple of hours, your skin will look normal and you will be ready to show it off if you so choose.

CoolSculpting may cause Bruising

Due to the suction used by CoolSculpting, you may experience bruising. While it is not permanent or dangerous it can last for more than a week. This means that you may have to keep the treated area covered for some time to hide the bruising. If you were planning on doing body sculpting before a vacation or a trip to the beach you would need to plan ahead in order to make sure you give yourself enough time to recover. Or you could just try Cryo T SHock instead.

Cryo T Shock vs Cool Sculpting

Cryo T Shock vs CoolSculpting. Both are effective but Cryo T Shock does not leave bruises.

Star Cryo T Shock is the best option for Body Sculpting

When considering Body Sculpting,  surgery, or Coolsculpting vs Cry T Shock there are some important things to consider. We think that safety, effectiveness, and cost are the top 3. Since cryo lipolysis is non-invasive it is for sure safer than surgery.  The effectiveness of body sculpting has been proven over the last several years which is why it has grown in popularity. However, it is best for people who have already done much of the hard work with diet and exercise and they want to target trouble areas that do not want to lose the last bits of fat.  It is not recommended for people who have not made the lifestyle changes prior to the treatments. If you are a candidate for body sculpting and you are interested in these treatments the Star Cryo T Shock is the way to go.


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