Benefits of body sculpting

Cryo T shock is the prefered way to do body sculpting because it has many benefits and very few drawbacks.

5 amazing benefits of Body Sculpting

You can get great results with Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting can Target Many Areas of the Body

One Benefits of Body Sculpting with the Star Cryo T Shock by Pagani allows us the ability to treat any part of the body. We are also able to treat many areas at the same time reducing the duration of each treatment.


Star Cryo T Shock



Body Sculpting with the Star Cryo T Shock is much less expensive than Surgery and it is also less expensive than Cool Sculpting. Not only is it less expensive but there is no downtime (recovery time). You can walk out of your treatment and continue with your everyday activities.

Cryo T Shock Packages

Multiple sessions are needed but this method is very gentle on your body and you lose the fat in a subtle healthy way for a period of a few months. If you can not afford a treatment it is not much help. Affordability is one of the best benefits of body sculpting. It is affordable enough that many people use it on several different body parts to truly sculpt a new body.

No downtime

After a body sculpting session, your skin may be red and tingly for up to a few hours but you are able to do all of your normal activities. Additionally, if you can work out after treatment by doing a sauna session or compression therapy you will enhance the effects of your treatments. After a few hours, you could even hot the beach and nobody would know that you had any type of treatment.


One of the most important benefits of body sculpting is safety. No anesthesia, No cutting or poking or sucking anything out. During your Body Sculpting session, our therapist is constantly checking in with you and the Star Cryo T Shock ensures that you are kept at the perfect temperature range that is needed to ensure apoptosis of your fat cells.

Cryo T Shock Effective

Using a thermal adicell sheet we are able to see where the fat that needs treating is located so there is no guesswork and we can treat the areas that will make the biggest impact on your appearance. This limits the number of procedures that you need saving you time and money.


Body Sculpting brown Adipose

We use the Adicell during your consultations so we can find what areas of Fat we need to Target

Permanent Results

We are all born with a specific number of fat cells. Each part of our body has a set number but it changes from person to person. This is why some people may struggle with love handles while other people struggle with muffin tops. Body Sculpting can kill some of these fat cells in target areas and those cells will be gone forever. Cryo T Shock will not kill all of the fat cells in an area so the remaining cells can grow or shrink as you gain or lose weight.  Safe affordable and permanent how many more benefits of body sculpting do you need?

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what is body Sculpting?

Socially Distant treatment Available

A bonus Benefit of body sculpting At the time of writing this blog post, we are in the middle of a pandemic. Some people may be afraid of being stuck in a room with a therapist for up to an hour. A benefit of the Star Cryo T shock is that some of the treatments can be done automatically by the machine. Meaning that the therapist can put you in the room set up the machine in a few minutes and then leave you to get your treatment while the machine monitors its self. Not all of the treatment can be done this way but many can.

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Once distancing is no longer require you the machine can treat one area automatically while the therapist stays with you and treat another.

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