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Medical studies have shown that Whole Body Cryotherapy helps with insomnia and induces deeper sleep. It also reduces anxiety and stress and helps the immune system. It is an effective tool for drug-free pain management.

Pain Management

When you use Cryotherapy you can train harder for longer periods of time with shorter recovery time. Reduction in inflammation helps relieve pain and recover your muscles. All of this will lead to an increase in your performance and fitness levels.

Anti Aging

Cryo also has Anti-aging and beauty benefits. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles. Cryotherapy stimulates the production of collagen giving you a more youthful look. It will reduce cellulite and tighten your skin.

There are many additional health benefits to using Cryotherapy. Injuries recover faster by boosting the flow of nutrient-rich blood. Also, it helps treat many skin disorders. The list of benefits goes on and on.

Weight Loss

Weight Loss is one of the most important and popular results of regular use of Cryo. It increases your metabolic rate resulting in hundreds of extra calories burned each day. Because this is true whole body cryotherapy it can not be compared to most treatments in Chula Vista or even San Diego.

Whole Body Cryotherapy

We use the state of the art Cryo Artic whole body cryotherapy chamber. It is the safest and most effective cryotherapy in San Diego, and it is true whole body cryo. One key feature is that the nitrogen never comes in direct contact with your skin. The air is cooled in a separate area and then it flows to the chamber where you stand.

Best whole body cryotherapy in San Diego
Whole body cryotherapy vs Partial body cryotherapy

This process means that the air inside the cryo-chamber is breathable without the fear of passing out from lack of oxygen. By having your head and shoulders exposed to the cold temperatures you will have a more noticeable benefit. If you have ever tried cryo in a sauna you will want to come in to feel the difference. Come by Recovery Science so you can feel why this is the unique experience you can get in Chula Vista and the San Diego area.

Benefits of Cryotherapy

Pain Management

Cryotherapy is a great option to help manage and reduce pain. Inflammation is also reduced and this helps many people with chronic inflammation of the joints or other parts of the body. Many people can quit or reduce pain medications with the regular use of Cryotherapy.

Sports Performance

Cryotherapy can reduce muscle soreness. It allows you to train harder and more often because it accelerates your recovery time.  Also, it can provide you with a boost of energy like a natural pre-workout. Cryotherapy works great after workouts or games to help you recover, It also works great before a workout or game to give you a natural boost of energy.

Sleep and Anxiety

Whole Body Cryotherapy has proven to help improve sleep and reduce anxiety. Better sleep and less anxiety help in every other aspect of your life and there are many health benefits associated with these two things.

Girl going in cryotherapy chamber
Cryotherapy chamber


The ultra-cold air in our whole body cryotherapy chamber shocks your body and causes it to produce more collagen, As a result, you have fewer wrinkles, tighter and firmer skin. Our Cryo Artic whole body cryotherapy chamber also exposes your face and head to this cold so you can get the facial skincare benefits as well.

Cryotherapy for Weight Loss
Cryotherapy is a great way to burn calories and lose weight.

Weight Loss

One session can help you burn 400-700 calories over a 24 hour period. Your body will work overtime trying to stabilize its temperature after the cold shock it experienced. This is a great way to burn calories even if it is your rest day or you are unable to exercise for any reason.

Benefits of cryotherapy


Our nitrogen-based Cryo Chamber is the safest machine on the market. The nitrogen never comes in contact with you. The indirect cooling system uses a radiator to cool air and only cool fresh breathable air enters the chamber with you.

No nitrogen ever touches your skin. Not in liquid form and not in gas form. The white mist you see in the chamber is just frozen condensation just like snow. This helps prevent burns to the skin that occur in cryo saunas that used direct cooling.

Best whole body cryotherapy in San Diego

Cryo Packages

  • Valid for 1 year
  • Can be shared with others
  • Must not have contraindications
  • Must be over 12 years old and have guardian waiver
  • Can be used at any location

Cryo Memberships

  • Memberships must be bought at store
  • Memberships have the best value
  • No Contracts
  • Memberships can be shared
  • Monthly Recurring Charge