EECP Therapy San Diego

EECP Therapy San Diego

EECP Therapy

The EECP treatment gently but firmly compresses the blood vessels in the lower limbs to increase blood flow to your heart. Each wave of pressure is electronically timed to the heartbeat, so that the increased blood flow is delivered to your heart at the precise moment it is relaxing. According to the Cleveland Clinic Enhanced External Counterpulsation (EECP) may stimulate the openings or formation of collaterals (small branches of blood vessels) to create a natural bypass around narrowed or blocked arteries

How does ECP work.

EECP require multiple one hour sessions. For athletes looking for some quick improvement 15- 1 hour sessions can get them on their way. More session can be don as needed to help with recovery in between training session or to accelerate recovery from injuries.

What does ECP Therapy do for athletes?

Enhanced external counter pulsation increases the circulation of oxygen-rich blood throughout your body. It, in turn, removes lactic acid and releases nitric oxide. As a result, an athlete will often perform better and their recovery time after a game is shorter in most cases. For people suffering from chest pain or shortness of breath 35- 1 hour sessions is the standard protocol and most people feel the improvements at about the 15th session. For other more serious cases up to 50 session may be required but those people should consult with a Dr. and they should look to do this under the supervision of an M.D. After a packet of sessions is completed maintenance session can be booked individually.

Improved Blood Flow to the Heart

EECP helps grow new blood vessels “collaterals” for blood to flow, like a natural bypass around blocked arteries. It also makes existing blood vessels larger. This increases blood flow to the heart. EECP acts like a second heart and by using compression sleeves.  That are time just right by synchronizing with an ECG. This improves the circulation of oxygenated blood throughout the arterial system and organs of the body when the heart is at rest.

EECP San Diego

Increased Endurance

Regardless of the reason be it leg day or a long bike ride EECP can help reduce muscle soreness. The increased blood flow and circulation will help flush the lactic acid out of the muscles so you can get back to training as quickly as possible. EECP also stimulates the production of Nitric Oxide in your body which also assists in your blood flow and circulation

Less Chest Pain or Shortness of Breath

Chest pain or shortness of breath is often caused by lack of blood flow to the heart. This can be due to exercising at altitude or tying to perform beyond your physical limits. It is also caused by narrowing of the arteries due to arterial plaque. Regardless of the cause EECP increases the size and amount of blood vessels taking oxygen rich blood to your heart and therefore subsides these symptoms.  For athletes it help you to perform beyond your natural  capabilities by setting new potential cardiovascular limits.

Long Term Benefits

EECP research demonstrates that people who receive the full 35 session treatment have long-term (seven years or more) positive improvement in their symptoms of cardiovascular disease. Enhanced stamina, endurance and more restful sleep. Maintenance session or exercise can extend those benefits for many years.

Recovery Science Inc.

ECP is EECP Therapy

Recovery Science Inc. does not work with insurance companies. All cost must be paid by upfront when you select your package. We work hard to provide the best pricing available for our customers. Some FSA and HSA work with us but that depends more on your providers.

Relax With Us,

During you  can stream movies to your phone and we also have a coffee and tea bar. Our clean and inviting facility is laid out so that you can enjoy your visits and so that you look forward to completing all of your required sessions.

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