Spa San Diego

Recovery Science Inc. Spa San Diego offers services that make yo look and feel great!

Best Health and Wellness Spa San Diego

Best Spa San Diego

Best Spa San Diego

Recovery Science Inc.

is a Health and Wellness spa that offers services to the San Diego area out of Chula Vista. A health and wellness spa offer services that not only may you look and feel better b

ut they are also good for your health and they have many performances and long term benefits.

Spa San Diego

Recovery Science Inc. Spa San Diego offers services that make you look and feel great!


Cryo is great for reducing pain and inflammation. It also makes your skin produce more collagen which fills in fine wrinkles.

Benefits of cryotherapy

Come visit Recovery Science Inc. to feel the benefits of cryotherapy.

Infrared Sauna

Many studies prove that regular use of an infrared sauna has many health benefits. Sauna use is great for detox, stress reduction, and also for cardiovascular health. On top of all of the health benefits, infrared sauna use is great for your skin.

Normatec Compression

Normatec Compression Therapy not only feels like a great massage but this also assists with lymphatic drainage and helps reduce muscle soreness. A 30-minute session is done while sitting on a zero gravity chair that helps reduce lower back pain.

Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy with Celluma is FDA approved to treat wrinkles, kill acne-causing bacteria, and reduce pain and inflammation

Fit 3D Body Composition analysis and Nutritionist

Want to lose weight. Studies have proven that the best way to lose weight and keep it off is by losing fat and increasing lean mass. Using a body composition analyzer and a nutritionist is the best way to achieve your goals.


Fit 3D San Diego thumb

Fit 3D body composition analysis helps you reach your healthy weight goals.

Cryo T Shock

No there San Diego Spa offers such a wide variety of treatments plus the Star Cryo T Shock. The Star Cryo T Shock can treat and part of your body and even treat more than one spot at a time. The Cryo T Shock can be used to treat injuries with localized cryo. The Star Cry T Shock can also be used to eliminate fat. tighten and tone skin and eliminate cellulite.

San Diego spa that improves your health

The cutting edge treatments offered at Recovery Science Inc. make you feel great, look better and they also have many long term health benefits. This is a key advantage over other types of treatments that may be painful and have long term unintended consequences. San Diego Spas that focus on health and wellness along with cosmetic issues are the best choice when trying to pick a spot for treatments.

San Diego Spa that helps you look better

The Cryo T Shock facials and red light therapy facial help you look your best with all of their skin benefits. Fewer wrinkles, lifting, tightening, and toning of the skin are all benefits of the cryo facial. There is never downtime because it does not burn or harm your skin in any way.

Cryotherapy Facial

Cryotherapy and red light therapy facial

San Diego Spa that helps you feel better

A health and wellness spa should not only make you feel better but should improve your health and give you long term benefits. All of the services provided at Recovery Science Inc feel good while you do them and also provide long term health benefits.


San Diego Normatec Compression therapy

Normatec compression therapy feels great, reduces muscle soreness, and helps with lymphatic drainage.

San Diego Spa that makes you perform better.

When looking for a San Diego Spa go for the one that has the best of all worlds. Look great, feel great, and live great by focusing on spa services that are also good for your health.


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