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Best Summer Reset: How to prep your mind, body, and home this season!

Summer is here and what better way to prep for the season than with these summer wellness tips!

How to reset your mind, body, and home for Summer!

Summer is a time of renewal and growth, and what better way to embrace this energy than by making positive changes in your life? As we transition into the sunny and vibrant summer days, it’s the perfect time to refresh and revitalize various aspects of our lives.  In this newsletter, we will provide tips and ideas to help you refresh and renew various aspects of your life, from your physical health and fitness to your mental and emotional well-being!

Prioritize self-care:
Summer is a great time to focus on self-care. Make sure to stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, wear sunscreen to protect your skin, and practice mindfulness or meditation to reduce stress. Take time for yourself and indulge in activities that bring you joy and relaxation!

A few ways to prioritize yourself this summer:

Refresh your exercise routine:

Switch up your exercise routine to align with the summer season. Try outdoor workouts like jogging on the beachswimminghiking, or bike riding! Take advantage of the warm weather to stay active and have fun outdoors!

Indulge in your skincare routine: 

Start by finding a lightweight, hydrating moisturizer to keep your skin supple and protected from the sun’s rays. Enhance your routine with a gentle exfoliating scrub to slough away dead skin cells, revealing a vibrant complexion. Don’t forget to pamper yourself with a soothing face mask once a week, providing your skin with a burst of hydration and relaxation. Lastly, remember to drink plenty of water and eat fresh fruits and vegetables to promote inner radiance. Embrace these indulgent steps, and let your skincare routine become a blissful self-care ritual this summer!

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Journal or meditate the stress away: 

Unleash the power of journaling and meditation to achieve a stress-free summer! Journaling provides clarity by decluttering the mind, while meditation offers a peaceful escape from daily pressures. Incorporating these practices into your routine will melt away stress, leaving you refreshed and ready to embrace the summer season with a calm and rejuvenated spirit!

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 Get ready to embrace a revitalized you this summer with our Nutrition Program.

Get ready to nourish your body from within this summer with our exclusive Nutrition Program! Whether you’re looking to shed a few poundsboost your energy levels, or simply adopt a healthier lifestyleour expertly crafted program has got you covered. Our experienced Nutritionist will guide you on a personalized journey, providing you with tailored meal plans, delicious recipes, and valuable nutritional tips to help you make sustainable choices to achieve your goals!

Tips to relieve Summer allergies:

Although it’s more common for some to have seasonal allergies in Spring or Fall, Summer is also a widely common allergy season due to spending a lot of time outdoors. Here are some tips on how to relieve Summertime allergies:

– keep windows closed

– get an air purifier

– consider nasal sprays + eye drops

– include more vitamin C in your diet

– clean pollen off pets and shoes before going indoors

Infrared sauna lined with Himalayan salt floors to relieve summer allergies

Our infrared saunas, lined with Himalayan salt floors, offer relief for allergies. The infrared panels aid in detoxification, while the heat helps open nasal passages. The salt therapy aspect clears mucus and reduces inflammation, providing natural relief for respiratory allergies.

How to effectively do a Summer cleaning:

1. Make a plan: Before you start cleaning, make a plan of action. Decide which areas of your home need the most attention and what tasks you need to complete. This will help you stay organized and focused as you clean.

2. Declutter first: Before you start deep cleaning, declutter and get rid of any items you no longer need or use. This will make it easier to clean and help you feel more organized.

3. Start from the top: When cleaning a room, start from the top and work your way down. This will help you avoid cleaning the same areas multiple times.

4. Don’t forget the details: As you clean, don’t forget to tackle the small details like dusting light fixtures, cleaning window sills, and wiping down baseboards. These small tasks can make a big difference in how clean your home looks and feels.

5. Use the right tools: Having the right cleaning tools can make all the difference. Use microfiber cloths for dusting, a good vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter for carpets and upholstery, and a mop for hard floors.

Reflect on your goals and progress:

We’re almost halfway through the year so it’s important to check in with yourself and your progress on the goals you’ve set for yourself at the beginning of the year!

Some questions to ask yourself that can help you reflect:

– Am I still on the right track with my goals?
– Has my perspective and reason for wanting to achieve this goal changed?
– What am I doing every day to bring myself closer to my goals?
– Am I utilizing all my resources to help me achieve my goals?

If you’ve set fitness goals for yourself this year, tracking your progress with data you can measure is crucial so you know if you need to adjust your habits! Our Fit 3D Body Scanner gives you a comprehensive look at your fitness level.

3D Body Scanner helps track your fitness progress with a 360 degree view!

What you’ll receive with our 3D Body Scan:
– all left and right body measurements
– Body Fat percent
– Lean Mass percent
– BMR (metabolism rate)
– Waist circumference
– Trunk-to-leg volume ratio
– Waist-to-hip ratio
– Posture + balance report

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In conclusion, resetting your mind, body, and home for the summer is an essential step toward embracing the vibrant energy and a renewed sense of well-being that this season brings. By taking the time to declutter your mind through meditation, self-reflection, and setting clear intentions, you can cultivate a positive mindset and invite joy and relaxation into your life. Nurturing your body with healthy habits, such as regular exercise, nutritious meals, and proper rest, will empower you to feel revitalized and ready to make the most of the summer months. Remember, the summer offers a unique opportunity to let go of what no longer serves you and embrace new beginnings. So, embark on this transformative journey, and let the warmth and beauty of the season guide you toward a refreshed and balanced life!

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