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Unlock Fast Weight Loss with Recovery Science Inc’s Fit 3D Body Scanner and Expert Nutritionist in Chula Vista

Revolutionizing weight loss with technology and expert guidance in Chula Vista

The best weight loss happens with a nutritionist!

Are you tired of trying every diet and exercise program with little to no results? At Recovery Science Inc in Chula Vista, we utilize cutting-edge technology and a degreed nutritionist to help our clients achieve their weight loss goals faster and more effectively than traditional methods. Using our Fit 3D Body Scanner and expert guidance, we work to increase lean mass and decrease fat mass for optimal results.



The Power of Technology:

Our Fit 3D Body Scanner provides an in-depth analysis of your body composition, including body fat percentage, muscle mass, and more. This technology allows us to create a personalized weight loss plan that targets your unique needs and goals.

The Importance of a Nutritionist:

Our degreed nutritionist works closely with each client to provide expert guidance and support throughout the weight loss journey. They create a customized meal plan that considers dietary restrictions, preferences, and overall health. Our nutritionist also provides education on healthy eating habits and how to make sustainable lifestyle changes to reduce body mass long-term successfully.

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Increasing Lean Mass:

Our program is designed to increase lean mass, improve your overall appearance and boost your metabolism. This allows you to burn more calories even when you’re at rest, leading to faster reduction in fat mass.

Decreasing Fat Mass:

By decreasing fat mass, we can help reduce your risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease and diabetes. Our program is not just about losing weight, it’s about improving your overall health and well-being.

Basal Metabolic Rate:

and Custom Meal Plan: The Fit 3D Body Scanner also provides an exact measurement of your Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR), which is the number of calories your body burns at rest. Our nutritionist uses this information to create a custom meal plan with the right balance of macros to help you reach your weight loss goals. The personalized plan is designed to ensure that you are consuming enough calories to support your BMR while also creating a calorie deficit to promote slimming down.

Macros and Meal Planning:

Macros, short for macronutrients, are the three main nutrients that provide energy to the body: carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Our nutritionist will work with you to find the right balance of macros that works best for your body and goals. By providing the right amount of each macro, our meal plan will support health goals, muscle growth, and overall health.

The Recovery Science Inc Advantage:

Our approach is unique because it combines the power of technology and expert guidance to provide the best possible results. Additionally, our location in Chula Vista, near San Diego, makes it convenient for our clients to access our services and support.

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Stop wasting your time and money on ineffective weight loss programs. At Recovery Science Inc in Chula Vista, we use the latest technology and expert guidance to help you achieve your weight loss goals faster and more effectively. Let us help you increase your lean mass, decrease your fat mass, and improve your overall health and well-being. Contact us today to schedule your appointment and start your journey to a healthier you.

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A healthy body mass index (BMI) is important because it is a measure of whether an individual’s weight is appropriate for their height. Having a BMI within a healthy range is associated with a lower risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. A healthy BMI can also improve overall physical and mental well-being, as well as increase longevity.

It is important to note that BMI is not a perfect measure, it’s just an indicator and it does not take into account factors such as muscle mass, bone density, and overall body composition. Therefore, it should be used in conjunction with other measures such as body fat percentage, waist circumference, and overall health markers. Consulting with a healthcare professional can provide a more comprehensive understanding of an individual’s health status.

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