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Detoxification is a process that breaks down toxins in our body

Infrared Sauna for detoxification

Infrared Saunas to detox and clean your body

Infrared Sauna for Detox or Detoxification,

Infrared Sauna the king of detox. Chances are you’ve probably heard of Detoxing whether you just hopped on the fitness wagon or have been a lifelong health junkie. But for those of you who don’t have an idea of what Detox is, Detoxification is a process that breaks down toxins in our body into substances that are easier to excrete. Now, you’re probably thinking, is it even really that important to remove these wastes? Have you ever noticed, that when you go out drinking with friends, cheating on your diet, smoking, etc. you feel very sluggish, have muscle fatigue, and overall body pain intensifies? Well chances are your body isn’t used to such conditions, so it tries to compensate, or your body can’t hold up any longer and it gives up. This is where Detoxifying your body comes in to save the day! But where do you start? I’m gonna go ahead and list 3 simple ways to get your detox started.

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Diet and Nutrition

You can either Detox your body Internally or Externally. With or without help, our bodies are equipped with an immune system that defends us internally from toxic substances. The major organs that play a part would be our stomach, intestines, liver, kidneys, lungs, and skin. But with day to day life, even our body needs a little help to function better. Although there are different ways to Detox your body, the biggest detox you can do for your body is your Diet and Nutrition. Getting your daily nutrients and having a good diet helps your gut and overall well-being! Think of it as your fuel of the day. Not only is food important, but so is getting the right amount of hydration (about 2.7 liters a day for women and 3.7 liters for men), some form of prebiotics, anti-oxidants (juices/food/supplements), decreasing alcohol intake, sugar, processed foods, and too much salt. If you have difficulties figuring out where you are in your Diet, Health Goals, and Nutrition.  Recovery Science offers Nutrition Programs that are individually designed for you by our Degreed Nutritionist on site!

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Detoxification is a process that breaks down toxins in our body


The next one is simple but honestly difficult to keep up with especially nowadays, it’s SLEEP. Getting your 8-hour sleep is important no matter how old you get. So, the notion that when you get older, you also need less sleep isn’t necessarily true. Giving your body a rest helps your body recuperate from all the stress it’s been under the whole day. Sleep helps your body regain and store energy for the next stressful day to come. Trying to catch up with deadlines, work, studying, training, etc. we tend to neglect our sleep. Some of us have gotten used to it and haven’t realized the effects that it has on our bodies. When you’ve reached a point where you have difficulty sleeping try out meditation, yoga, or Recovery Science’s Sauna. Recovery Science’s Infrared Sauna has a relaxation program and detoxification program that would definitely mellow you out. You can either relax alone…or bring a friend. A fun way to bond, rest and relax.

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Relaxing and an Infrared Sauna has many health benefits.


And the last one is for you to Get Active! It’s kind of a no brainer how exercise can improve our health. Being active is known to help in weight management, decrease the risk of cardiovascular diseases, Diabetes Type 2 and even certain types of cancers, but it is usually over-looked for reducing inflammation. Inflammation is important for our body to fight off infection. But too much, can wear the body down. According to new studies, moderate-intensity exercises done for at least 20 minutes can help your body decrease overall body inflammation. This is because your sympathetic nervous system is activated during this time. This results in your anti-inflammatory response producing substances like epinephrine and norepinephrine into your bloodstream and activating adrenergic receptors of immune cells. Any activity you enjoy, that can keep your heart pumping up, just spend 20 minutes each day on it. And you will see progress in your mood, energy, and body.

With Diet & Nutrition, Sleep and Exercise you can get your body going more effectively and efficiently. If you put regular infrared sauna use on top of that, you will have a better immune system, more energy/ focus, and a better mood. Detoxifying your body shouldn’t just be a fad, it should be a habit or a lifestyle that you do every day.

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