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Is Cryotherapy the New Time Machine?

Cryotherapy can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles

Cryotherapy for your skin

As you get older your body starts to experience natural “wear and tear”. Things get harder to do with time. There are 3 key complaints many have with getting older: wrinkles, pain, and energy. This blog will explain how cryotherapy helps aid all complaints of aging and help you feel younger and full of life.

Anti Aging

With multiple sessions, cryotherapy can help reduce fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin texture as well. Our mini Cryo T-Shock Facials specialize in collagen and elastin production. Because it is localized, it specifically targets wrinkles and lines of a specific area of the face. Over time, our Whole Body Cryotherapy can firm and strengthen your whole body, since you are completely exposed to the extremely cold temperatures!

Cryotherapy Facial

Cryotherapy and red light therapy facial

Pain Management

Everyone will experience pain at some point in their lives. Pain can be caused by a variety of things including inflammation, recovering from surgery, and health conditions such as arthritis. Cryo helps with the pain by releasing endorphins.

Most clients feel an improvement in their pain immediately or the next day. Cryo helps tremendously, however, sometimes it simply isn’t enough to really make the pain go away. Thankfully, we offer daytime and night time CBD. With Whole Body Cryotherapy and CBD combined, pain can be considered as good as gone! A beneficial feature of the daytime CBD is it doesn’t make you sleepy (like most CBD’s do), so you can still go on with your day feeling great all day long!


The cryo-artic whole body cryotherapy chamber is the safest and most effective whole body cryotherapy chamber on the market.

Better Energy

As we age, biologically our circadian rhythm gets offset. This is why it may feel harder to fall and stay asleep at night with older age. Cryo helps you get better sleep by resetting the biological clock. When you get a restful night’s sleep, you will wake up feeling rested and rejuvenated the next day!

Whole Body Cryotherapy also helps you feel INSTANTLY energized! A quick dip in -220 C will trigger your body’s natural fight or flight mode. In fight or flight mode your body’s metabolism speeds up and releases a cascade of endorphins. The main endorphins released are epinephrine and norepinephrine. Not only do these endorphins energize you, but they also enhance your mood as well. We like to say at Recovery Science, “Everyone steps out of cryo with a smile!”.

Not only is this effect beneficial for you, but it is better for everyone around you. Imagine being on the go and barely tired? It can become very difficult to keep up in older age – but cryotherapy can help

Girl going in cryotherapy chamber

Cryotherapy chamber

Is cryotherapy right for you?

Absolutely! Cryotherapy is not just for athletes, as many tend to believe.  Cryo can help you sustain a healthy and pain-free life. Not only will it help you, but because you are feeling great and living great it will make you more enjoyable to those around you.  Also, cryotherapy is affordable for everyone.  Now that cryotherapy has become more popular and widespread the cost of services has come down and it has become accessible to everyone.

3 Minutes

Three minutes is all that it takes to look and feel better.  Cryo is fast and affordable so there is no reason to not take advantage of all the benefits. No matter how busy your schedule is you can always find 10 minutes to be in and out and ready to face the challenges of your day.


We do recommend that if you have kidney, liver, heart, or lung conditions you speak to your doctor first.

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