Cryotherapy for Weight Loss

Cryo-T Shock is an effective non-surgical option to remove stubborn fat


Did you know that whole body cryotherapy turns your body into a calorie-burning machine? You can burn anywhere from 500-800 extra calories from ONE cryotherapy session!

So how does it work?

Your body is designed to maintain a normal temperature (98.6 is the average). When you step into our whole-body cryotherapy chamber for 3 minutes your internal body temperature can drop under 50 degrees.! Now… that might sound like a lot for your body to handle, but our bodies are equipped with systems that allow us to maintain our body temperature (reptiles are not quite as fortunate). But these systems require A LOT of energy to use. Calories are our bodies’ source of energy – just like gasoline is the energy used in cars. In the process of burning calories, your body produces heat, which is how your internal body temperature will go back to normal and rises quickly in the few short minutes following a cryotherapy session. Some people often feel a little hungrier on a day that they do cryotherapy session – and that’s because their bodies are metabolically supercharged!

Cryotherapy can also help with weight loss because of the norepinephrine and adrenaline release. These are both hormones that are released when the body is exposed to extreme cold. These hormones not only help with recovery and energy, but they leave you energized and motivated to get back in the game faster. When you feel better and you are likely to push yourself a little bit harder, which will enhance your metabolism as well.

It is important to keep in mind that that cryotherapy can only enhance your metabolism when you have a proper diet and exercise in place. If you need help getting your nutrition in check, contact our NUTRITIONIST at Recovery Science. All NUTRITION Programs come with a FREE Personal Training session at a local affiliate gym.

Localized cryotherapy, like Cryo-T Shock, is also a safe and effective non-surgical option to remove stubborn fat (adipocytes) cells. When your fat cells are exposed to extreme cold, they crystallize and go through a process called apoptosis, or natural cell death. Once the fat cells have died, they are excreted from the body and are gone for good! Inquire today about Cryo T-Shock Fat Removal!

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