cryo facials are the best

Cryo Facials are the best because they have long term benefits unlike botox.

Cryo facials are the best!

Wonder what all the cryo facial hype is about?

Cryo facials are the best!

Is cryotherapy on your list of facials to try? Or maybe you haven’t even
heard of a cryo facial? If you are having ANY skin concerns whether it
be fine lines and wrinkles or acne and hormonal breakouts etc. A cryo
facial may be the treatment for you since it works for everyone no
matter what their skin condition is. It takes little to no downtime and
results can be seen immediately after treatment!


Best Facials San Diego

The best facials San Diego use the Cryo T Shock with Celluma Red Light therapy.

What is a cryotherapy facial?

Well, it may not sound very pleasant to essentially “freeze” your face, but that is exactly what a
cryotherapy facial is- sometimes referred to as “Frotox”. A lot like our cryotherapy chamber, this
treatment pumps liquid nitrogen onto the face. The goal is to give a glowy, tighter, and even

How do cryo facials work?

So basically with the cooling wand, we are constricting the blood vessels in your face to promote
collagen which in turn helps with signs of aging and wrinkles. Then the treatment alternate’s to
a thermal wand which does the exact opposite and dilates the blood vessels or opens them up.

This alternating blood vessel constriction and vessel dilation activates immune cells and
removes harmful bacteria, making it highly effective for facial cleansing.

Cryo Facial San Diego

How many cryo facials does it take to see results?

It takes as little as 4-8 treatments to see the results you want, noticing fewer wrinkles, fine
lines, crow’s feet, etc.
For those with cystic acne, rosacea, eczema it works wonders because the alternating
warm and cold currents shrink large pores, removing trapped toxins from under the
skin and encouraging fresh blood circulation and increased oxygen and nutrients to
penetrate into the skin cells.

Cryotherapy Facial

Cryotherapy and red light therapy facial

How long does a cryo facial take?

It depends on the concerns you have for your skin obviously someone with deeper
wrinkles will see different results than someone who has fine lines and minimal

But it has been proven to work in as little as 10 minutes to reduce the appearance of fine
lines and create an overall smooth complexion!

We have treatments that can be as little as 10 minutes to an hour-long depending on
where and what we are trying to treat.

What you should expect during a cryotherapy facial appointment

When you arrive for your appointment one of our knowledgeable estheticians will go
through several steps to get you ready for your cryotherapy session. The procedure goes
as follows:

– You will go through a thorough skin consultation to better understand your skin
concerns and we will address what we can do to treat your concerns.
– Your skin will then be thoroughly cleansed with a cleanser to ensure that you get
the full benefits of the facial.
– Once the treatment begins you will likely feel a cool feeling on your face, similar
to when you stick your head in the freezer, which will last only a few minutes or
so depending on what skin concern we are trying to treat. Some people find this
sensation relaxing.

What to expect after the  cryo facial

Cryo facials are very quick and easy with little to no downtime. Your skin should feel
tighter, brighter and just overall rejuvenated.

These initial results tend to last a few weeks. In order to keep up with the results of this
treatment is best to be seen 3-5 weeks after.

The more frequently you go the more permanent the results of the treatment are!

Watch our video here! Watch this video to see for yourself what you can expect with a cryotherapy facial!

Pagani Star Cryo T Shock for the Best Cryo Facial

Many Cryo facial machines just blow nitrogen onto the face and others use the same large wand that treats the body on the face. The problem with this is that there is no accuracy with these methods. The Star Cryo T Shock facial uses a 32mm wand that is perfectly sized to treat your face and get into all the area around your eyes and mouth in order to target those stubborn crows feet and marionette lines.  The new wand is not only more effective but it feels more pleasant during your facial. Recovery Science in  San Diego only uses best in class and that is why they upgraded to the newest Star T shock machine.

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