Infrared Sauna near me


Infrared Sauna near me


Infrared is an invisible part of the suns light that has the ability to penetrate human tissue giving us a soothing and natural warmth. Infrared is naturally occurring and it is the basis for our sauna therapy.

Our M-Pulse full spectrum infrared sauna is different from traditional saunas. We do not use hot rocks or steam or hot air like traditional saunas. The hot air makes the experience unbearably hot and difficult to create. Our infrared sauna heats the body directly instead of heating the air. And for that reason, it is 7 times more effective for detoxification.

Infrared heat is completely safe and healthy for all living things. You can be exposed to infrared for hours without the risk of burning. Some cheaper saunas expose you to EMF as a by-product of creating infrared but our saunas are ultra-low EMF. The basswood saunas are hypoallergenic and no harmful chemical are used in the assembly of the sauna.

The Sun lighten full spectrum infrared Sauna that we use utilizes patented Solo-carbon 3 in 1 infrared technology that is 95-99% percent efficient at heating the body directly rather than simply heating the air. This makes your experience more pleasant and effective. Your core body temperature will be raised and the infrared will penetrate to the cellular level where the majority of your toxins reside.

We also offer ART acoustic resonance therapy in our infrared sauna. Small highly magnetic speakers are placed under the bench, and they are designed to vibrate so that the sound waves provide an experience similar to light touch massage. This will stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response.

Recovery Science Inc.

At Recovery Science you can share your sessions with friends or family at no additional cost. We provide 1 towel and 1 face cloth that is chilled with essential oils. Extra guests can bring their own full size body towel or rent one for $3.
Our sessions are up to 40 minutes long and you get to use our meticulously clean sauna in a private room. It is important to remember that you should be properly hydrated before using the sauna and bring a water bottle. (water only) Your private room with this great sauna provides an experience unlike any other in Chula Vista or San Diego.

Sauna Packages

  • Valid for 1 year

  • Can be shared with others

  • Saunas need at least 30 minutes to heat up so schedule online or call ahead of time

  • No additional charge for extra people

Sauna Memberships

  • Memberships must be bought at the store

  • Memberships have the best value

  • No contract required

  • Can be shared with others

  • Monthly Recurring Charge

  • Full size towels are required, you can bring your own or rent one