Haelo PEMF Therapy Device

PEMF Therapy San Diego

PEMF Therapy San Diego

PEMF Therapy

PEMF Therapy which stands for Pulsed Electromagnetic Field helps to stimulate cells to relieve intense or acute pain. PEMF accelerates muscle recovery, relieves pain, boosts energy, reduces inflammation, and replenishes cells.

Haelo at Recovery Science Inc.

We use Haelo PEMF at Recovery Science, this cutting-edge device uses layered inaudible sound frequencies delivered directly to your cells to train, replenish, and restore them. Haelo offers 10 sound frequencies, 5 sympathetic state frequencies, and 5 parasympathetic state frequencies. Both state frequencies help repair your cells differently.

An Exercise for your Cells

Haelo PEMF Therapy recharges your cells. The layered sound frequencies optimize the functionality of your cells. This treatment over time will naturally train your cells to enhance your performance and accelerate recovery.

PEMF Therapy

Sympathetic State Frequency

The sympathetic state frequencies on the Haelo device focus on performance. These 5 frequencies help you enhance your focus, build a stronger mindset, enhance stamina, increase your nutrition intake, and feed you more motivation.

Parasympathetic State Frequency

The parasympathetic state frequencies maximize recovery. These 5 frequencies help you increase your deep sleep, boost immunity, reduce inflammation, reduce soreness, and help you relax.

Recovery Science Inc.

PEMF Therapy

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Also, you can watch TV on our La Fuma zero gravity chair. The chair will decompress your lower back while we work on your circulation and soreness. You can sip on some of our delicious teas or coffees so you can leave feeling refreshed. Are you a fan of multitasking? If so you can enjoy Celluma Light Therapy while you enjoy PEMF Therapy

PEMF Yoga Mat

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