Body Sculpting

Body Sculpting

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Full 1-hour Session! Don’t be fooled by people offering less expensive 40-minute sessions.

Our Cryo T-Shock machines use a non-invasive pain-free method to reduce unwanted fat in those hard to target areas making this the preferred way to shape your body.

This treatment is becoming more and more popular because of the proven results. Anyone who is looking to lose weight, reduce cellulite, tighten saggy skin or treat stubborn areas of fat should book a session right away. Cry T Shock results are generally visible within a week of the first session and the best results take shape 15 to 21 days. The treatments are 1 hour long, and they can break up with a short break at the 30-minute mark. Don’t be misled by all the talk on fat and cellulite the Cryo T Shock is great for facials too. It can boost collagen reduce wrinkles and help treat acne. Only 2 areas should be treated at one time.

The Sunlighten full spectrum infrared Sauna that we use utilizes patented Solo-carbon 3 in 1 infrared technology that is 95-99% percent efficient at heating the body directly rather than simply heating the air. This makes your experience more pleasant and effective. Your core body temperature will be raised and the infrared will penetrate to the cellular level where the majority of your toxins reside.

We also offer ART acoustic resonance therapy in our infrared sauna. Small highly magnetic speakers are placed under the bench and they are designed to vibrate so that the sound waves provide an experience similar to light touch massage. This will stimulate your body’s natural relaxation response.


Our treatments are very effective at reducing or eliminating cellulite permanently. When treating cellulite we often see the results faster than when cryo slimming. Many of our happy customers tell us that they can confidently wear shorts after a lifetime of covering up. Our therapist is among the most experienced in San Diego or Chula Vista.

Anyone with the following conditions should not do this treatment:

  • Pregnant
  • Kidney disease or dialysis
  • Severe Diabetes
  • Undergoing chemotherapy

Following your treatment working out, compression therapy and our infrared saunas will help you get the most out of your treatments.

The Cryo T-Shock starts off by heating an area for 2 minutes and then cooling it for 26 minutes and then heating it back up for 2-3 minutes. The back and forth of these temperatures is what makes it different from other treatments and it is why it is more effective than other versions available on the market. Redness and itching are common but it will pass within a few hours of treatment. Pagani the creators of this machine have logged thousands of safe treatments all over the world.

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Experience matters! Our Wellness consultants have undergone countless hours of training. Any they have performed more sessions than most places that are just popping up with lesser known equipment. Body shaping is an art as much as it is a Science and our wellness consultant is in the room with you for the full 1-hour session monitoring your progress and making adjustments as necessary so that you can get the most effective treatment for you hard-earned money. Do not be fooled by places that offer less expensive 40-minute sessions.

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