Registration is only for first time customers. You can save time on your first visit if you register ahead of time.

***Minors must have an additional waiver signed by their guardian.

If you have already registered you can make an appointment.

 After regitering online you will be able to make appointments through the Mindbodyapp. For many of our services appointments are not requiered, however makeing an appointment at least 1 day ahead of time allows us to ensure we can add additional staff as needed to ensure that you have the best experience possible. This is even more helpful when you come with friends or family members or team mates.

All of our Cryo T shock that are longer than 30 minute require an appointment at least 1 day before.

Please remeber that if you are scheduling a service that is 30 minute or 1 hour that you show up at least 1 hour prior to closing. We do our best to acomodate but sometimes our staff has other obligations that they need to attend to after hours.