Cryo & Sauna

First time customers must register first in order to make an appointment. Registering online saves time on your first visit.

Recovery Science Inc

Walk ins are always welcome, however first availability is always given to customer with appointments.


The treatment takes 3 minutes. You can add 3 minutes to change into your outfit and then 3 minutes after to change back. We recommend that you wear something that exposes as much skins as you are comfortable with. We have private changing rooms and robes.


This treatment can take up to 40 minutes. An appointment is highly recommended. The sauna need at least 30 minutes to warm up. You can add 10 minutes before and after so plan on being here 1 hr. Make sure to drink water before using the sauna.


This therapy takes 30 minutes. We can treat up to 4 people at a time. Customers with appointments will get priority service. We ask all customers to wear socks during compression therapy. Also, soft cotton sweatpants or yoga pants make for the most comfortable experience but shorts are ok too.

Fit 3D

Body Scans take about 3 minutes but if it is your first time you will need to create a profile so add an extra 3 minutes. To get the most consistent results you want to have similar hydration levels each time you scan. You need to expose as much skin as you feel comfortable with and tight clothes for the best scan. The scan is in a private room and only you have access to your images.

Cryo T Shock

Appointments are always required. Appointments should be schedule at least one day before. Session are 1 hour long and you will need 10 minutes before and after. Many customers like to take a 5 minute break at the halfway point so you should consider 1 hour and 30 minutes when planning a visit.


Nutrition consultations should be schedule at least 2 days ahead of time. Plan on spending 1 hr for your consultation. We can not do nutrition consults on Tuesdays.